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Updates from the Communications Office

Carrier_Kaga / Jan 29, 2016
With the recent close of our TeamSpeak3 server, we have sought to restore communications with everyone. Following one of the recommendations of Friends of the Clan Graf Spee and Augusta, we proceeded to investigate a new (free) service called "Discord." After a review period that included familiarization of the various features, text chats, and some voice communications, we have decided to adopt this service as our primary chatroom and voice communications service. You can read up on the details and get an invitation link here.

Also, for those that have steam accounts, we do have a steam group setup. Message myself or Hatsushimo if you want to be added to the group.

That is all,

– Kaga


Discord has been quite easy to get up and running. Should y'all have any questions, feel free to run them by us. :)
Thank you for the offer. PZWTZ and yourself are welcome to stop by on our server and this site.

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