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Teams, Assemble!

Carrier_Kaga / Feb 18, 2016
With the coming of Patch 0.5.3 in World of Warships, a new avenue has arrived for us to explore. To this point, we have only had the opportunity to enjoy games with each other in groups of 3 through divisions. With the latest patch this now changes in Team Battles – a game mode of 7 vs 7 combat similar to Ranked Battles. This differs from Ranked in one critical regard...teams are not random. We can assemble them in advance of the battle. With a maximum of 10 people to a particular tactical team, we should be good with just one. Currently, we are in the process of preparing our first team which will be entrusted to the capable hands of Tachibana-san who is assuming the role of Combat Officer. Please contact her to get onto the team at your earliest convenience.

What do you need to participate? Ships from tiers 5 – 6 and a willingness to work together. A given team will be restricted in the ships that can be taken into a given battle by class.

1 CV
2 BB
2 DD

Notice that a team will have to sacrifice coverage in one type of ship in order to get more of another. In particular: In order to get a CV, a team will have to sacrifice a cruiser.

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Yes, yes, VERY important that we hop on together and have fun with the enemy team XD
I'm usually online in Warships from 11pm~1am EST/EDT Mon thru Sat, and earlier and longer on Sunday. Let me know if you'd like to join via ingame-message/discord/pm-on-here, and I'll add you to our glorious team the Yokosuka Naval District. (When the 10 people limit is reached we'll have to find another person to create a new team.)

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