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Carrier_Kaga / May 04, 2016
Hello everyone,

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but we’re going social! Well, Social Media that is. We’re doing this to help broaden our recruitment presence (to beyond the confines of the WoWs forums). The first of these pages to be hitting the Go-Live phase is our Community Twitter. This venue is a great way to broadcast to the world what we do and who we are. One thing I would love to broadcast is community content. That is the games, results, stuff, and whatever that you want to see up.* Things that jive well with Twitter:

  • Hey! We’re Playing <insert game/mode>. Come join us – Type of Tweets
  • Check out this great moment in <insert game/mode> type of posts with a Video Snippet.
  • Look at this result – type of broadcasts.
  • Come join us for a Community Event @ <insert whatever>

This is the first part of our adventure in Social Media and are looking at expanding to other services. So we’d like to welcome you all to the future and that is now. ;)

As for how to get things on the Twitter: PM us. If you want a video or have a result to share, please send along the replay file or the screenshots to use.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM us or drop us a response here.

*Nothing inappropriate.


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