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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jan 23, 2017)
Destroyer_Harusame says poi
(Apr 07, 2016)
(Mar 22, 2016)
(Mar 14, 2016)
Hello All
(Mar 08, 2016)
I posted a massive update to my posting about Blade and Soul guilds.
(Feb 18, 2016)
Tachibana-san has made one team. Please message her about joining it.
(Feb 18, 2016)
Oh, Teams have come out in WoWS. Are you gonna make one?
(Feb 18, 2016)
Congratulations on the promotion Inazuma-san. We're playing a bunch of games right now. WoWs, WoT, WT, and Blade and Soul are among the more common titles.
(Feb 18, 2016)
Got promoted at work so I get paid more meaning I don't have to work as hard to make enough money to pay student debts. Those are killer. Are we still on WoWS or did we shift more to WoT?
(Feb 18, 2016)
*The Shoutbox was booped*
(Feb 17, 2016)
(Feb 16, 2016)
It's nice to hear from you all again. I hope you have been well.
(Feb 15, 2016)
Hello All and nice to see you agian Kaga
(Feb 15, 2016)
Bonjour! I find myself with more time to play again~
(Feb 15, 2016)
(Feb 14, 2016)
(Jan 31, 2016)
Had a few too many games of WT last night. Though around 70% of them with Hatsushimo ended with "The Best Squad" Award.
(Jan 29, 2016)
Including but not limited to becoming an alien or a time-traveler.
(Jan 29, 2016)
It does take some getting used....reading those characters, I mean.
(Jan 29, 2016)
D''s like......the screen is run through water...